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Rules & Discipline

Rules and Regulations

  • Uniform is compulsory
  • University regulation will be applied in the case of attendance
  • Students should maintain strict discipline in the campus
  • No political activities will be allowed in the campus
  • Issue of any certificate or certification will be subject to the closure of the fee dues if any
  • Admission fee and 1st Semester fee should be remitted at the time of Admission
  • Tuition fee installment should be remitted by 5th of every month
  • Students should not leave their class without the permission of the Principal
  • Any leave should be supported by a leave application signed by parents.
  • Mobile phones are not permitted in the campus
  • Any violation of the above, will attract suitable disciplinary actions including dismissed from the college
  • Smoking and use of any intoxicants are strictly prohibited in the campus
  • In any issue the Management's decision will be the Final
  • NOTE: The Ultimate aim of the above "Rules & Regulations" is to give you the full requirements of your course and to make you a strong person in that profession and a prosperous future.

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