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MA English

M.A English Language and Literature programme is designed with a view to give the students a deep knowledge of British literature. Courses in Linguistics, Literary Criticism, Contemporary Literary Theory, Post-Independence Indian Writing in English, Research Methodology for Language and Literature and Contemporary Fiction are also highlights of the programme.

The course aims at giving the learners essential language skills, vital for employability, while instilling in them the maturity for aesthetic enjoyment, for understanding and appreciating values- social, cultural and spiritual so that they are moulded into responsible human beings.

There are numerous career prospects available for students who have completed their Masters’ in English literature. MA Literature students can get jobs in India as well as overseas in a variety of fields.

  • Eligibility:BA English or Any Degree
  • 4 Semester
  • Career after MA in English Literature

Students of English Literature can get jobs with the media as reporters. It is also possible for them to get jobs with newspaper firms. If they have a degree in journalism, they can get jobs with news broadcasting firm. Content development and ITES firms also recruit English post graduates.

Graduates of English literature can find jobs in the government sector as well. There are many areas where they can get jobs. Candidates from MA in English Literature can get jobs abroad too. There will be numerous companies from a variety of fields that requires students from English literature. Candidates can get jobs as proofreaders, Copy Editors, Copy writers and writer in the marketing department.

Apart from teaching jobs, postgraduates of English Literature can start a career as consultants or they can join with publishing houses. With experience, candidates can get jobs with national as well as international magazines such as Vogue, National Geographic Magazine etc. As postgraduates of this field will have the ability to analyze and reproduce matter easily, they can get jobs within these firms quite effortlessly. Moreover, students can also go for higher studies. They can go for M.Phil, PhD or MBA. Social work as well as advertising fields also require students with flair of writing.

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